Saturday, 6 December 2014

Summer.... December 2014

It is summer, and it's been hot, very hot. Bring on the thunder storms and rain.
"Wot no thunder storms with rain. Have we run out?"
"No, just wait and be patient."
"Yes, Mother Nature is also waiting."
"O, that's alright, we can also wait."

December last year just seem like yesterday. We have been busy and time has flown by.
Our local primary school - Sihlekisi School will close a few days earlier than last year, but with the help of some of suppliers we were able to put together a Christmas party for the learners.

Rain fall has been scattered, with small showers,
but enough to get the grass growing and the veld turning summer green.
The summer migratory birds have all returned to the lodge grounds, just about to the day, as last year and the year before that.

Safaris in the Kruger Park have been really good, over the past two months. With magic photo opportunities, with a wide array of animals including the "big 5 ".

 Mama brought her cubs out into the centre of the road. Just for photo shoot, then took them off into the veld.

Something different. Our guests were ecstatic.