Sunday, 7 December 2014

Win some...lose some... Lodge Up-grades 2014

Building construction has come to an end, and the lodge is now the proud owners of 6 new 'rondawels' (round rooms).

All brand new and fantastic.
Giving us more, much needed, bed space.

Making way for the upgrades (new rondawels in the back ground), is the removal of the "Eco hut".
This has served the lodge for the last 20 years from a museum to dining area. With many other uses in between ranging from conference centre to kitchen.
But in recent times more as the 'tea and coffee place'. Where guests used to meet for coffee early in the morning before departing on a safari to Kruger National Park or a local Bush walk.

It was an unusual construction, with a cement roof re-enforced with chicken mesh, supported on wooden poles bolted onto old metal road grader blades set in cement.  The grader blades are strong heavy steel and were from the road scrappers/graders when they were worn they were replaced.