Monday, 24 June 2013

Sunset drive .......extraorinaire...

It was dark and the spot light was playing across the open grass land. Animal eyes were
reflecting in the distance from the 4x4 head lights.
Time stood still.
A lone wildebeest bolted out of the darkness at full gallop, parallel to us not 50 meters away.
Not 30 meters behind the wildebeest was a large lioness at full speed after the wildebeest.
A 'kill'. The spot light followed the scene. It was nanoseconds and the lioness launched
it's self on the back of the wildebeest swinging around it's neck and bringing the
wildebeest to the ground. Two other sub adult lions were close behind as the lioness
brought the wildebeest down.
It was over, no time for pictures, but the images will linger for ever in our own
memory recorders.

While we were watching the three lions on the kill a young impala lost in the spot light
was starting to wander close to the lions lying in the grass. The lions sat bolt upright
ready to catch the young impala. Two kills in one night. No, we turned off the spot light
and the young impala disappeared in the night.
We left the lions to enjoy their meal.
What a night, what a sunset drive. The guests had the privilege of witnessing a 'kill'.....