Monday, 24 June 2013

Special visitor........

You either have it, or you don't have it. Kylie has it. Be it a snake in the office or on the
pathway, or a wayward buffalo on the road, or a leopard doing  room checks, Kylie will
find it.
Yesterday while showing guests to their rooms on the bottom side of the camp, there it was!
A young leopard strolling between the rondawels, very relaxed and chilled.
Kylie and the guests watched the leopard for a few minutes as it wandered off and lay down
under a tree in the longer grass.
Paying no attention to the guests moving into their room.
Some hours later he was still lying relaxed under the tree.
He is not resident in the lodge area, but passes through every now and again.
He is not considered to be dangerous, and it it is good to know that the animals know it's
safe for them as well.