Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NO!....... to Rhino hunting

This blog belongs to Timbavati SAFARI LODGE and has nothing to do with any other lodge or
business with a similar name . Quote.... this was a letter sent to people who emailed us in error.

"Please do not mistake us and our company for that of the TIMBAVATI PRIVATE RESERVE - please see their webpage for the correct organization and relevant contact details - http://www.timbavati.co.za/

We are not affiliated to this reserve nor governed by any of their policies.

We pride ourselves on delivering unforgettable wildlife safaris in and around Kruger National Park with conservation of our heritage been our guiding principle.

I hope you can come and visit us some day so that you can see this for yourself.

I trust this clears any and all misunderstandings alleging that we TIMBAVATI SAFARI LODGE condone the hunting of Rhino - legal or illegal."