Sunday, 13 December 2015

End of Year.... Staff party..

At year end we hold a small staff party, as a token of thanks for the hard work through the
We attempt to organise an event each year, and this year we organised an outing
on the Blyde Dam followed by a "braai" and some refreshments.

It worked out well and a great day was had by all. Most of the staff had never been out on a boat on open water. So there was great excitement and some in trepidation!!

 Safety first.

The nature guide kept the staff busy with facts about the dam and its environs.
On the dam

The men busy with what men do - talk and drink....

The ladies doing what they enjoy.. exploring and having a photo shoot!!

Lizzy busy preparing the "pap"
 Thanks to Kylie and Ryan for organising a great day out.
And of course some meat goes well with the "pap".