Sunday, 29 June 2014

Early Winter.....

Winter? For a few days it has been cold, but so far a mild winter, especially compared to
other parts of South Africa. However with the passed cold spell the animal movements in the
Kruger National Park, has changed. Lions have been few and far between. However sightings of
Leopard have been extreme, with a good sighting of two adults and two sub adults together.

Our winter solstice, 21st June, has just passed and so the sun is on it's way back for summer.
The days have been sunny and clear with "magic light" in the early mornings and late afternoons,
ideal for those once in a life time shots.
The sun light is not so harsh, and good contrast, mixed with dust and mist, not just for wild life photography in the parks, but for your land scapes as well.


A very unusual sighting on a Big 5 Sunset Drive was a PANGOLIN  (Manis temminckii)
Also known as a Scalley ant-eater.
A very shy and rare animal, seldom seen. Mainly nocturnal and feeding on termites, after digging
a hole into the termite mound.
This one crossed the road and then went into protection mode, and curled up making it impossible
to get a good photo.