Thursday, 27 March 2014

The year is well on it's way......

They say "time flys when you are having fun", and that's true. Also true when one is busy!
It's already the end of March 2014 where has the time gone?
Well it's been that time of the year when we have most of our rain, some good storms, but
fortunately little or no damage to the lodge and grounds, but lots of  ground water, and little
springs of water, where they have never been in the last 12 years.
Thank goodness no real flooding like the past two rainy seasons.
The veld is looking wonderful and green with good grass cover. The animals are all fat and

Lightening display during a High veld rain storm taken from
northern Johannesburg looking south

Day Safaris and Sunset Safaris have been good
considering that at this time of the year animal sightings are not the best - due to the long grass and thick vegetation. Lots of water in the veld,
and the animals are spread out.
Also the birds and animals have been breeding and busy looking after their young, with little time to rest and make themselves more visible.

We had wonderful surprise for our Sihlekisi Primary School learners
when 5 parcels arrived by post all the way from  Auchterhouse
Primary School in Scotland.
They had read a story book written around and about the Timbavati area, and found our school.
The parcels contained an array of useful school items, including toothbrushes - such a useful item for kids.
Big Thankyou to the learners at Auchterhouse
Primary School in Scotland.

The start of the year has also seen "Mr T" our roaming  Leopard  (Panthera pardus) visiting the outskirts of the camp, making himself available for
photo shoots by some fortunate guests who have had the opportunity to see him.
However the downside is that he has hunted and killed three young Blue Wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) calves. Also with great sadness to everyone at the lodge and guests, one of the Jack Russel pups
who by bad luck and fate was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and taken by the leopard (and no fault of the leopard).