Sunday, 8 December 2013

It's December already...

November was a very busy month around the lodge and in the Kruger National Park.
Safaris in the park were very productive with some really good wild life viewing.
One group saw 4 (FOUR) leopards on their morning safari.
Now that is something special.

Talking of something special.  While guests were having dinner in the lodge  restaurant, a young curious leopard  came wandering into the camp, and set off the sensor spot lights.

Excited guests rushed to the windows to catch a glimps of this magnificent creature, before he turned and strolled out the camp again.
Kitchen staff quickly closed the back kitchen door!!

Great excitement!

He was later found wandering in the bush and lay down for a quick photo shoot

There was some concern he may have had
the mind to snack on the baby zebra.
However he moved off into another area.

A selection of photographs taken by the guides while in Kruger Park during November.
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Giraffe do lie down on occasions. This one is lying down and feeding!