Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunset drive extra special...

 Yesterday our guests went on a sunset drive in the Greater  Kruger
 National Park. This turned out to be sunset drive deluxe, being at the right place at the right time!

First off within the first 30 minutes a lion kill was found on the road side with two female adult lioness guarding the kill. They were not being helpful and lay flat out in the long grass!! Not willing to take part in photo shoot
The drive proceeded onto the sunset point for sun downers, viewing, elephant, rhino, wildebeest, impala, kudu and waterbuck on the way.

 The word was that there was a lioness with cubs near the road. The drinks would have to wait!

On the way, a young leopard bounded crossed the road and disappeared in the long grass with a flick of her tail.
The sun was setting and the day light beginning to fade.
But the game drive vehicle made its way down the track and into a clearing in the bush, and there they were.  With still enough natural light for pix.

                                                                                It could have been something from a
professional nature documentary.

Three adult lioness, and 8 cubs.

 A rare sighting by any means!
Pure magic.
For the guests this was worth every cent spent in travelling, half way round the world.

Photo's thanks to Mark.

The privilege of their cub sighting, and their sunset drive overall only began to emerge during drinks and dinner on return to the lodge. When the realisation of what they had seen began to sink in!

"Yaaawn.... what a drag! hurry up with this
photo shoot."