Friday, 14 December 2012

Special Guests and Sihlekisi Primary School....

Two very special guests Marlies and Wil Vermeesch came to visit for the 7th occasion!!
Not only are they our special guests as the 'most returned guests", but have made substantial
donations to our primary school project at Sihlekisi school.
Thankyou from the lodge and the community of Sigagula.
Marlies and Wil and their friends travelling with them Kitty and Henk, visited the school, to
see the progress with the media center.
The school was also closing for the Christmas holidays, so many of the learners were not
at school.
Ryan arrived at the school with loads of gift packs for the kids, donated by Sandra. Later Ryan and
John drove around the village and found most of the kids not at school.
For many of the kids this will be the only Christmas goodies they will receive.
L-R School Principal Ezikial Ndlovu, Henk, Marlies,Wil & Kitty

Ryan & John handing out gift packs for the learners